Executive Order


Short Synopsis:
  This fictional film is about an order signed by the President after the Vice President is killed in a aviation accident. The evening before a very serious surgery the President is informed not only of The Vice Presidents death but of a highly classified project that has been kept secret since 1945, which involves the films only non fictional character who was preserved through the science of cryogenics
  Set in modern day America at a time that finds the USA at war and in its own financial crisis the likes not seen since the Great Depression of 1929.
  The Order gave authority if the revival was successful to reinstate Franklin Delenoor Roosevelt as President of The United States of America to complete his last term in office.
  The film is a comedy that blends the non fictional times of today and almost a century ago to create elements of drama and suspense that culminate into a jubilation and fictional twist involving ironically the films only main non fictional character. This film is also a great family movie as it is rich in  the history of The United States of America and brings to light and exposes real political issues seen through the humble eyes of the films  main character.
  It’s a movie for everyone combining the elements of suspense, drama, science fiction, comedy culminating into a story about a great American hero giving hope to many generations to come.


By: Todd Trombetta and Tommy Dalton


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